Unlocking Potential: Lesson’s from today’s session of the Men’s Conference

At the end of today’s Men’s Conference, it was difficult to ignore the challenges that men face in life. The issue of gender roles was addressed in a thought-provoking and honest manner by the speakers, who highlighted the fact that men have been expected to fill the role of breadwinners for centuries while women have traditionally been content in the role of bread-eaters.

The struggles that men face in trying to provide for their families were highlighted, with speakers stressing the importance of men being able to stretch their limits and strive for more. There was a general consensus that men should strive for more than just financial stability and that they should be encouraged to pursue their passions and dreams in life. They were advised to ensure at least one day in a week to share with fellow men on challenges that have been facing men since the garden of Eden “error” and how to avoid them.

It was noted that any man who hasn’t read even one of Silas Nyanchwani’s memos should be considered a criminal! They were urged to pick up a copy of his book, “50 Memos to Men“–it’ll solve their problems by at least 50%!

The speakers also highlighted the importance of men having positive male role models to look up to and to emulate. They argued that lack of positive role models in the lives of men can have a severe impact on their sense of self-worth, leading to a lack of confidence and even depression. They were encouraged to look at men like King Solomon, Nelson Mandela, Jackson Kibor, Mwai Kibaki, Daniel Arap Moi, Francis Atwoli, among others as the ultimate example of how men should live if at all they are to live long and to strive to be more like them. They were encouraged to find mentors in their various communities that can help guide them and provide advice on their journey to success.

The conference also addressed the challenges that men face in the workplace and the need for more gender equality in this area. It was suggested that men should no longer be expected to take on the majority of the “dirty work” and that companies should seek to create an environment that is balanced between genders. They were advised to live by the other gender’s mantra that “what a man can do a lady can do better, the lunch that a man can buy, a lady can buy better”.

Overall, the International Men’s Conference highlighted the unique challenges that men face in life and the need to support them in their journey. It was made clear that men should be encouraged to break through traditional gender roles, and that they should be supported in pursuing their goals and dreams in life. So, while life on Earth may be a real challenge for guys, it is also an opportunity to grow and thrive.

Participants were left feeling inspired and determined to make a difference in their own lives, as well as to support others in their journey. The conference provided a great platform for men to come together and discuss their experiences and feelings on the matter, and to gain a better understanding of the unique challenges that men face in life. Ultimately, the aim of the conference was to empower men and to encourage them to strive for more in life. The message was loud and clear – that men need to break through traditional gender roles and be supported in pursuit of their goals.

At the end of the first session, key note speakers shared helpful insights with the younger audience, reminding them that they only have a few years left (Less than 30) to really live it up before they have to start dealing with their aging bodies and all the medications that come with it! They were reminded that the blue pill is not a drug but a killer. They were informed that if it doesn’t rise to the occasion let it rest to fight another day. It has already fought enough during his younger days. Whenever there is a war, you have never seen a general giving his soldiers stamina enhancing drugs before releasing them to the battle field. It was unanimously agreed that if you have to take a booster before going to war, then smoke weed. Weed has never been attributed to any death in any battle bed, and it is known for yielding desirable results.

The younger audience was also reminded of the importance of taking care of their bodies, ensuring that they get enough rest, exercise regularly, and take advantage of the opportunities available to them to improve their mental and physical health. The speakers also emphasized the need to develop healthy relationships and support networks, and to practice self-care and positive self-talk. Finally, they encouraged everyone to pursue their passions and to take risks in order to reach their full potential. The day’s session ended with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism, leaving everyone with a new perspective on how to make the most of their lives. In the afternoon we will have break-up groups to share and deliberate on personal experiences!

Kabaka Himuserefu

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