“Facing a Political Dilemma: MP Odiwuor Must Choose Wisely”

Lang’ata constituency Member of Parliament Felix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o, is facing a major political dilemma. Odiwor has been accused by his party, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) of associating with the Kenya Kwanza Government, a position his ODM party is vehemently against. This creates an incredibly difficult situation for Odiwuor, who must now make a difficult decision in order to survive in the current political climate.

The two options on the table for Odiwuor are to either stay in ODM and apologize for his association with Kenya Kwanza, or to leave ODM and fully commit to his association with the government. If he chooses to stay in ODM, he must cut all ties with Kenya Kwanza government and risk the benefits that come with associating with the government of the day. If he chooses to leave the ODM, he must fully commit to the Kenya Kwanza government, and face the wrath of his party.

No matter which decision he makes, Odiwuor has a tough choice to make, one that could have serious implications on his political career. He must choose wisely and carefully weigh the pros and cons of each option. It’s a decision that will require divine intervention. Only time will tell which route he chooses, and how it will affect his future in Kenyan politics.

The decision that Odiwor makes is not only a political one, but also a moral one. He must decide whether his allegiance lies with the ODM or the Kenya Kwanza government, and whether he is willing to put his own interests ahead of those of his constituents or his party. It is a decision that will not only have political implications, but also moral and ethical consequences.

Odiwor must consider the long-term effects of his decision, as it could have a lasting impact on his political career and his legacy. It is a difficult decision, one that will require a great deal of thought and consideration. He must make the right decision for himself, his party, and his constituents, and hope for the best.

Edwin Kamanda G.

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